Saturday, February 13, 2010

12 Feb 2010.... Matron@Mak Engku

We were scared of her...but needed her.....NOW we love her.

12 Feb 2010 srikandi visited our matron in Taman we call her Mak Engku.... She left STF in 1984. Matron is 84 years old.... very much the matron we used to know. She reads newspaper everyday and we talked about everything under the sun, waima politics, current affair and kehidupan di STF.
Matron sangat sangat sangat rindukan kita.......... Kalau ada masa jomlah kita visit dia.......selalu.....
Sk bersama Mak Engku hari ini.... Rosmini 71, Nurul Hayah 71, Salamiah 71, Shamsiah Shaari 71, Zaharah Ambia 72, Nazimah 72, Fatimah Latif 72, Faridah Akmar 72, Siti Nor Rina 72.


azahar said...

So you all have a matron when you were in STF? How lucky.

We in SDAR did not have that luxury. A sick bay was all that we had those days!

Mutiara said...

assalamualaikum srikandi

I have not visited for a long while.

Looks like everything is running smoothly.

Matron looks as energetic as ever. Glad you all keep the talian kasih going on strong.

Love kak Saloma

Siti Nor Rina Nuawi said...

Kak Saloma, we are trying to jejak kasih Mrs Raj. According to Mak Engku, Mrs Raj selalu lupa2....