Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dari Meja Presiden: Srikandi Annual Dinner

Salam Dear Srikandis,
Once again that time of year is here! Our Annual Dinner for us to create as much hugs, jumps, all the heys,all the hais, 'dah lama tak jumpa', as the the general din which obliterate the mortal world is here ! Kalau MIL lalu pun dah tak nampak la......
And to top up that excitement our Patron KDYTM Tengku Puan Pahang Tunku Hajjah Azizah Al Marhum Sultan Iskandar Al Haj has agreed to grace the event.

Where and When?
Venue : Ballroom, Hotel Singgahsana
Date : 10 December 2010, Friday ( Sat - banyak majlis kahwin ! )
Time : 7.45pm - 12pm.
Price : 1 table of 10, RM 1200; single ticket, RM 150.

Theme & Dress : the Srikandi Way ! it can be as casual or as glittering as the mood allows it. One can be as outrageous as the guts would take it. One can also dress up as one envisage how our nenda TUN FATIMAH looked like. The Batch Coordinators could also plan a theme & dress for their batches.Only one request from the EXCO - we need to be decorous in line with muslim busana.

There will be a prize for the most 'interesting and elegant' dress/costume !

And Girls,
During the dinner we are going to launch the Srikandi Bonds! (Oh what is the Srikandi Bonds? SK Norlia Nasir is going to host a get-together
of the Batch Coordinators to explain this further. So Srikandis please ensure your Batch Coordinators are on the look-out for date and venue of the BC Get-Together.)

So Girls, let us make this annual event a riotous one! The early birds will get a more strategic table-placements ! yang dulu beli, meja didepanlah gitu...

Coordinators, please start cracking....

For more information, please contact:
SK73 Norliah Nasir - 019 2728 902
SK74 Dalina Ismail - 019-3303154
or any other EXCO.

Yang Benar,
SK72 Mek Yam Jusoh

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