Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dari Meja Presiden : TTF

Salam SKs,

I would like to give an update on TTF. AlthoughTTF has had some undulating roller-coasting journey, I believe it would now be more stable moving forward.

As planned Srikandi would be working closely with Bingkas Kebayan (BK).

TTF will be the culmination of the Project. There will be a Monograph and production of DocuDrama on TF. There have also been talks on production of animations.

The Management Team comprises the following:

Project Director - SK72 Mek

Asst Project Director - Es from BK.

Monograph - SK73 Nami @ Dr Fauziah Desa DocuDrama - SK77 Saba TTF - SK72 CekNa Fund Raising Director - SK74 Dalina Secretariat and Treasurer - SK82 Maria We are still looking for Brand Director, PR and A&P Director and Sales Director. Anyone interested, pls let me know. Pls do remember that these are voluntary efforts.

Monograph and the DocuDrama will help to build the branding for TTF.

Funding has been a challenge. As we know there is little monies in our coffer. Therefore funding is an integral component of realising the Project. We managed to raise RM 24k which include promisory notes of Srikandi Notes.

Monograph and DocuDrama will be realised in 2011, so we see that TTF would be in 2012.

Should anyone has ideas to share, pls feel free to call us.

Kind regards,

SK72 Mek Yam Jusoh.


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