Monday, November 23, 2009


Dear Srikandis,

We had an enjoyable karaoke session at the Heaven Studio. There were many aspiring singers. Food was plenty. There was nasi lemak, mee hoon goreng, bubur lambuk Trenggaaanu. Sweet mini-mandirin oranges to wash down the irresistable carbo !

And we have identified the voice suitable for our Tun Fatimah !

SK71 Rafidah Jalil (Datin) took home a comforter, which was the Prize for the Champion Single Srikandi Category.

Srikandas and Srikandi-kids, similarly had a superb time singing and swaying to the tune ( or out-of-tune ) of the songs.

Those who could not make it this time, worries not! there will be one in 2010. So keep practising!

kind regards
SK72 Mek Yam Jusoh

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