Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anugerah Cemerlang Ceremony

ASWT Srikandis,

Pengetua Cemerlang of STF have invited us to join the ceremony Anugerah Cemerlang which will be held on the 17th April, Saturday.
We would like to take this opportunity to organise CAREER TALKS to the forms 4 and 5. And we will do this on the 18th.

Last year we did not have some of the professions of interests, such as dentistry, law to name a few. Hopefully this year there would be many more Srikandis of various professions who could make it down to the Alma Mater.

Details are yet to be confirmed with the Pengetua. We would also like to do motivational talks to forms 3, 5. Last year Kak Patanah did this.

Those wishing to visit the Alma Mater, pls give your names to N @ Dr Mariana. Her no is 013 3015446.

kind regards
SK72 Mek Yam Jusoh.

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hanani hakim said...

On behalf of f5 2009,we would like to give our appreciation and thank you to all Srikandi that willing to give us motivational talk,sacrificed time,money etc for the tun fatimah's excellence.Frankly speaking,the motivational talk gave impact to us!Its really work!Alhamdulillah.May all the hardworks will be paid Allah.InsyaAllah.Congratulation all!

Srikandi on the top of the world!Amin...