Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From Kak Alah: A message to My Children..

Salam Rin,
Betul tu Rin, kalau ada kematian, bawaklah anak2 yg dah faham tentang kematian ikut ziarah. Ajar dia dari A-Z. Ini termasuk siapa yg involve, bayaran berapa dan nak buat apa selepas itu.

Kak Lah dah beritahu anak2 K.Lah, kalau mummy mati, jangan panik. First call Aunty Z (she's one of the ladies in charge of janazah) then call Br. Ali (a very supportive brother) tell him to inform the imam, the imam will tell the brothers to dig the grave, and get the health officer to come and confirm my death. Telefon nombor ada dalam phone book, kalau tak jumpa phone book, check my mobile, kalau tak jumpa my mobile, call sape2 dalam your mobile, or check my skype contact. Kemas rumah sikit, nanti org nak datang. Then call aunty Niken and sister Fatma. While waiting feed all the cats and let them out of the house. Feed the chooks as well (you'll be busy the whole day, zalim kita tak bagi makan our pets) Cover me with a clean bed linen, kalau aunty Z minta kain batik lepas ada dalam almari tingkat atas belah belakang. I already told her my email password, and how to do internet banking and where to find all my passwords, transfer all the money into her account. Most probably no one will ask you for any money, but if you're able to get to the nearest ATM, pay them, and pay for any funeral expenses if they ask, but not to worry, Allah will take care of it. Don't cry, but if you can't help yourself, it's alright to cry and don't fight with adik. DO NOT get child protection or the public trustee get involve if I die before adik is 16.
When you come back from the grave, don't forget to take ghusul and perform your wajib prayer and make du'a for me. Don't bother with flowers or tahlil. If there's extra money, give to brother Ali to put a stone on my grave just in case your other sisters or my cucus from Malaysia want to see where I was buried. If you don't have the money, don't bother yourself. After you have recollected yourself, have a cup of warm milo and eat something, switch on my skype account, inform my families in KL and your families in Australia (dad's side) then......... email my friends at Sleep tight my love... always remember that I love you so much and whatever happen to you, remain a Muslim, and be a good one for that matter. May Allah be with you forever.



not just another mom..... said...

your note touch my heart. getting real is quite hard most of the time!

Sue Nafry said...

Kak Alah yg dikasihi, my tears runs freely while reading your note. I did something similar with my eldest daughter but realise fr your notes that some are missing esp on the procedure of pengkebumian. Thank you for reminding us sis. May Allah grant you good health and bless you n family always. Take care.

Hugs n kisses, Sue Nafry (SK 78-84)

Superfluous_Babe said...

salam Kak Alah....

Sya nangis when reading this. Being the eldest child in the family, Sya rasa tanggungjawab untuk uruskan jenazah if my parent(s) meninggal will be on my shoulder. Reading your post, Sya sedar that I don't know how to. Thank you for reminding, Kak Alah. insyaALLAH... Sya akan cuba kuatkan iman dan hati utk hadapi the situation (when it happens).


xixili said...

i have buried my allahyarham father and grandparents few years it's only my mother and my siblings. it helps to have a clear head and calm heart in managing the day. my mom has already from time to time, leave some pesanan on how to manage things when she has been eternally called away from us. i do hope that the day won't be happening soon. the older i get, the harder to let people go, i guess bcos we''re having more memories together with each passing moment.

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