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Program Balik Ke Sekolah (B2S) 16-18 April 2010

Salam to all Srikandis,
Just a short note to record our deepest and heartiest gratitude to Pengetua STF, our very own SK Kak Junaidi Santano, for a very warm hospitality extended to us. 

I don't know about Kak Junaidi, but after the two-day event, I went home to my house (in Johor), flat, tired and slept until Maghrib.  Although tired, I was very happy to witness such a very grand event to honour the PMR and SPM high achievers.  I felt so proud to be part of the deserving, bright and intelligent sisters.

OK, let me start from Day 1, Friday evening. 

I started off to STF from UTM at around 6.20pm amidst a heavy downpour but managed to reach the school around 7pm.  I was greeted by SK Mumtazah and her lovely 5-yr old Soraya who were there earlier (drove from KL).  We then convened to Block B (previously was Block A) to meet up with the sisters from batch 72 (form 6), batch Kak Junaidi.  Although we have never met before but we cliqued almost instantly.  We had dinner and around that time, SK Dalina made her way to the dining hall (now known as Dewan Melati) with her children.  Dinner was yummy, because I was really hungry... I must find a photo of the Dewan Melati to show you the new facelift.  Imagine this; throw away all the long old wooden tables and the dilapidated chairs.. and in come in pretty rows, medium-sized round table equipped with the round-melamin serving dish containers (I dont know what you call them, but very smart looking).  oh the curtains.... lawa..

Second Day:  tunggu  -- lain email akan cerita lagi.

From Kak Wardah ‘74


Salam to all Srikandis,

Just to add from Kak Wa's experience.  The last time I came to STF was sometime in 1986 (could be KD's last year in STF).  This time, with a daughter on tow, I drove through the gateway, hearts pumping like mad.  What do I expect?  Will there be any difference since then? It was raining cats & dogs, maghrib pulak tu, and driving slowly up the hill from Block A (used to be Block B - Tengku Arfah), I stopped the car.  Stepped out and kena report kat Warden's office.  Warden's office?  Waah........macam kaunter pejabat kerajaan.  Greeted cheerful by 3 lovely young ladies.  Are they students?  I tanya nak jumpa Warden.  Sayalah Warden, she answered.  So young!!  I thot Wardens should look like Grand Dames with pointed glasses.  Tak lama tu met Kak Wa.  Good to see a familiar face with sparkling eyes.

At Dewan Melati, the tables and chairs have changed.  Even the high table area has changed.  Beautiful pink and cream colored tiles on the floor and the walls.  Flowery lime green scalloped curtains.  Scalloped white and lime green muslin hanging from the ceiling.  At the pedestal wash basin, ada soap dispenser.  Kak Wa said, at least they have a working soap dispenser.  Outside the dining hall, at every other columns ada functioning pay phones.  Tak da pulak yang rosak or vandalised.  Although all the covered walkways are still intact exactly the same as before, more and more pedestrian walkways are done up to replace various shortcut areas.  You hardly see students walk on grass.  All grassy areas are green.

In the dorm, one can see signs of aging but well tended to.  Non of the wc's are broken.  Non of the shower doors are broken.  I just realised that each shower cubicle is so tiny.  Imagine 600mm (aproximately 2 feet wide)!!  We all must be so tiny then.  Now that I am wider, it takes a bit of effort to shampoo my hair.  Baru angkat tangan, siku dah langgar dinding.  Teringat dulu-dulu, nak book bilik air kena guna towel.  I did the same thing.  I had a favorite shower cubicle and to avoid other SKs from using it, I cepat-cepat book dengan towel.  And then I just laughed at myself.  I felt so childish.

Sambung lepas cerita Kak Wa.......

Kak Mum


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