Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dari Meja Presiden

Salam Srikandis,
24th October came and went with many joyous and despair memories. Joyous - had the joy of meeting other Srikandis and eaten the sumptuous potluck spread. Despair - sesat sesesat nya looking for Kak Yun's house. But later jumpa juga rumahnya.........

Kak Yun, the EXCO and all the Srikandis would like to register our appreciation for your generous offer of your house to hold the Potluck Gathering 2009 cum HariRaya Eid Fitri 1430Hijriah. And Kak Yun, Kak Yun and Dato and all the family-members were such gracious host. Sesat sesesat nya became a memorable component of the Gathering, hosted by Kak Yun - cum - Batch 70.

Many yang tak dapat datang have expressed their disappointment for not being able to be at the Potluck Gathering 2009/ HariRaya Eid Fitri 1430Hijriah.

Hopefully we would still have a volunteer for 2010 Potluck Gathering/ HariRaya 1431Hijriah.

Once again Kak Yun, thank you..thank you..thank you !

Kind regards,
SK72 Mek Yam Jusoh

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